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Frequently Asked Questions.

What is CARE PLUS Nursing Services, Inc.?

Care Plus Nursing Services, is a full service home care agency. We comply with all applicable Federal and State employment and tax laws. We carry appropriate licenses and insurance policies.

What is home care?

Home care is a simple phrase that includes a wide range of health and social services. These services are delivered at home to recovering, disabled, chronically ill persons who prefer to stay at home. They fulfill the need for assistance with the essential activities of daily living, companionship, and assistance with social or therapeutic treatment. The chronically ill and terminally ill of all ages are receiving compassionate and dignified care in their home environment through the hospice program. And as hospital stays are shortened, increasing numbers of discharged patients need help in the home.

What does CARE PLUS do for people who need home care?

Our main goal is to provide the best possible service and convenience to our clients who choose to “age in place” gracefully and to help them live life to the fullest. We entrust only the most qualified, dependable, dedicated and trustworthy professionals to serve our clients and help them live safely at home where they feel safe, independent and happy.

How can Care Plus help me find the right caregiver for me?

Initially, our Care Manager conducts a complete in-home care assessment to determine what type of services we can provide and develops a Plan of Care. We then select a caregiver matching the needs and preferences of our client.

How long has the agency been in the business?

Care Plus has been providing home care services since 2004. The owner has more than 7 years experience as a caregiver and is fully knowledgeable client needs. The caregivers of Care Plus are well experienced and are able to provide the utmost care to the patients.

Where are you located?

Our office is located at 22921 Triton Way, Suite 124, Laguna Hills, Ca 92653.

What hours is your office open?

Our office is open from 8am till 5pm.

What if I need to contact you after office hours?

You can call tel. # 949-716-2273. Our intake coordinator is available 24/7.

Is someone on-call 24/7?


Are there any discounts? Other charges?

Yes. We give 2% discount for payment in advance.

Is there an assessment fee?

No. It is free.

Do we sign the caregiver’s time sheet to verify hours?

Yes, you may sign the time sheet daily or at the end of the week. Our week starts on Monday and ends on Sunday. But if you don’t want to sign it, we always check to make sure that the caregiver comes on time or leaves on time. Also, if the caregiver is running late or needs to leave early, we will notify our client as soon as possible.

How do we pay? (weekly, bi-weekly, monthly)

We prefer to be paid weekly.

Is there a deposit required? When is it returned?

CARE PLUS usually does not require a deposit.

Is your business a franchise?

No. We are privately owned.

What services are caregivers allowed to perform?

What are the services are they not allowed to perform?

How will you select a caregiver for us?

Will you send the same person each time?

What happens if we don’t like the caregiver?

What security screening is done?

What health screening is done?

Are they reliable?

Yes, our caregivers are reliable and dependable.

If they are late or don’t show up, what happens?

Our caregivers call the office if they are running late and we inform the client a soon as we get the message. Or if they “call and sick,” they usually let the office know at least 12 hours before the shift, then we send another caregiver to work for the client. And if client has 24 hour care, then the caregiver stays until another caregiver arrives.

How are the caregivers supervised?

CPNS has a Case Manager that supervises caregivers working at our clients’ homes and our staffing coordinator has an open communication line with our caregivers, constantly reminding them or asking them how there are doing.

How do you maintain communication with the family?

Do I have to pay overtime if I need a caregiver for more than 8 hours a day or 40 hours a week?

There is such thing as “Companion Exclusion Act” which means that overtime law does not apply if you are hiring in- home care services in the client’s home.

Are your services available in Nursing Homes, Hospitals, or Assisted Living Facilities?

Yes. Our caregivers are available to provide assistance to clients of Nursing Homes, Hospitals, and Assisted Living Facilities.

Do I need to sign a service agreement?

Yes, we require all our clients to sign the service agreement.

What is your service area?

We cover all over Orange County.

How many caregivers will you use for this assignment?

It depends on the number of hours. If it’s 12 hour shift, then we use at least 2 caregivers.

What kind of experience does the agency have in home care?

We have taken care of clients with chronic and terminal illnesses, injury, post-operative care, under hospice care, frail or disabled etc.

What type of services does your home care agency offer?

We do so many things to make our clients life easier. From the morning “perk- up” at rising to the evening “tuck-in” at bedtime to everything in between. Our services include: Domestic duties – light housekeeping, meal preparation, shopping & errands, driving to appointments; Personal Care – bathing and dressing, personal grooming, bathroom assistance, incontinent care; Safety and Security – ambulating assistance, wheelchair transfers, medication reminders, range of motion exercises.

How are the employees screened?

Care Plus thoroughly checks employees’ credentials, criminal background, and references and previous employment verification. They are oriented to agency’s policies & procedures and employee handbook. Our caregivers are totally committed, highly qualified and carefully selected.

Are the employees insured and bonded?

Yes, our caregivers are covered by Workers’ Compensation and Liability insurance and are bonded.

How much does home care cost?

The cost will depend upon the types of services provided. Home care services can be provided on an hourly basis or live-in basis, depending upon the individual’s needs. We have a minimum of 4 hours.

Our rate ranges from $17.00-$19.00 for hourly and $195.00 for live-in shift. 
Our rates for LVN is $30.00 per hour and RN $40.00 per hour.
Per visit rate is $60.00 for LVN and $70.00 for RN.

Does Care Plus accept Medicare or Medicaid?

Care Plus is not reimbursed by either Medicare or Medical. We are private pay. But if our client has Long Term Care Insurance then, we help our client gets reimbursed by coordinating with the Long Term Care insurance company.

What is the difference between an agency and a registry?

A home care agency provides home care aides, companion care, home maker services and skilled nursing services in the clients’ homes. Caregivers are employed by the agency and are bonded, insured and, if need be, licensed. The agency assumes responsibility for the payroll and all related payroll taxes. A home care agency also provides training, supervision and ensures that shifts are covered.


What makes Care Plus a better company than others.

Care Plus screens and select caregivers prior to an assignment.

- We hire our caregivers and do not use independent contractors.
- We adhere to state and federal guidelines in employment practices, such as: withholding required taxes, providing workers’ compensations, conducting background and references checks. 
- We develop an individualized plan of care along with client and family.
- We have 24/7 on-call availability.
- We manage all payroll and employee related matters.
- We have a Case Manager who is an RN to supervise our employees.

Why is it safe to hire caregivers from a home care agency?

There are four types of Home Care Providers:

- Home Care Agency
- Employment Agency
- Registry/Broker
- Independent Contractor

Home care agency is the only one among 4 types of care providers that accepts responsibility for screening, training, insuring, and supervising our caregivers. We abide by the employment laws of California. Isolated, unmonitored, and supervised settings increase the possibility for abuse and financial exploitation when work is being done on behalf of physically or mentally frail individual.

If we don’t like the caregiver assigned to us, can we request for a different one?

Yes. If for any reason you are not happy with the caregiver we send you, please give us a call at tel. # 949-716-2273, we will gladly send another caregiver.

What is done when an employee cancels?

Care Plus will make every effort to replace the caregiver with another caregiver for the required.

What if the caregiver does not show up?

It has been our company policy that caregivers should inform us if they cannot report for work due to some unavoidable circumstances so we can send a replacement. However, we would also like to be informed right away by the client when the caregiver doesn’t arrive at the client’s home on time or at a required schedule. We will do our best to send another caregiver or if not, we will send one of our staff until the caregiver gets there.

Does your office have a supervisor on call at all times?

Yes, we have a supervisor on call 24 hours a day 7 days a week, including holidays.

What type of records do you maintain in the home of your client?

A daily log of activities will be maintained for the client and family.

Do you place live-in caregivers?

Yes. We do place live-in caregivers as the need arises. We make sure that the California Labor Law concerning caregivers is followed. Even though you have a live-in caregiver, the Labor Law in California demands that they only work a cumulative time of 9 hours daily and 15 free hours and time off every 5 days may result in over time and/or double wages. Click link on California Labor Law regarding Live-In caregivers.

My parent is very reluctant to accept help, how can I overcome this obstacle?

Many people are reluctant to accept care. They fear the loss of their independence and resent having to admit they need help. Our Case Manager will guide you through the process of getting the appropriate care in co-operation with your parent.

My husband is uncomfortable with a female do you have male caregivers?

Yes, Care Plus does have both male and female caregivers.

Can Care Plus caregivers administer my medication?

YES, if your caregivers are licensed. And NO, if caregivers are not medical personnel, they cannot administer medication or give injections. They can remind and assist the client in taking their medication. Further caregivers CANNOT :

- perform housekeeping other than light housekeeping to maintain a hygienic environment
- insert or change a Foley catheter
- regulate intravenous fluids or oxygen
- change dressings if topical medications are applied, unless trained by a CPNS Case Manager/RN
- perform enemas or insert suppositories
- make a medical diagnosis

What is the cost per hour?

We start at $17.00 per hour for 12 hours; $18.00 per hour for 8 hours; $19.00 per hour for 4 hours and live-in shift $ 195.00 per day.

Does the cost per hour change if there is an increase in the level of care?

Yes, when the change of care is significant. Should the need arise for an increase in the hourly rate our Case Manager will keep you fully informed of all the changes.

Can you drive me to an appointment if necessary?

Absolutely! Our caregivers may transport as required.

Does your Case Manager have a written plan of care and does she do follow-up visits?

Yes. Our Case Manager conducts a complete in-home assessment to determine what type of services we can provide and develops a “plan of care” and helps implement, monitor and fulfill it. She visits regularly and supervises client services to ensure client needs are successfully met and plan of care are being followed.

Do you withhold Social Security, Federal, State and Local taxes?

Yes, since all of our caregivers are fully employed, we take care of Social Security and all income tax withholdings. This eliminates burdensome paperwork families would be faced with if they were to hire someone directly or through an agency that does not fully employ their caregivers.

What is the background of your caregivers?

Many of our caregivers have medical backgrounds in their country of origin and have years of experience as caregivers. Some of them are certified nursing assistants and licensed nurses.

Are your employees carefully selected?

At Care Plus, it’s our caregivers that make the difference in the lives of our clients. Our caring employees are the heart of Care Plus and they are carefully selected to represent what we stand for. They want to work with people. It gives them a great sense of satisfaction to be able to help those who are having difficulty helping themselves.